wpe1.jpg (67120 bytes) Personal Touch Welcome, LLC is a unique home-visit greeting service welcoming new movers and congratulating new parents with a "dee"lightful basket full of community information and free gifts, valued at over $1800, from local professionals and businesses in the area.

Defaul5.jpg (972 bytes)WHO is Personal Touch Welcome?wpe13.jpg (13319 bytes)

Defaul6.jpg (914 bytes)Dee Strilowich, as "The Local Welcome Lady", has lived in Ridgefield for 37 years with her husband, Joe, and they raised 3 children in town. She has volunteered for many years in scouting, school groups and community organizations and knows what’s going on around town! Dee has been greeting families in Ridgefield and Redding for over 13 years, and was recently featured on the TODAY SHOW, on national radio as well as in the NY TIMES and USA TODAY.

Defaul5.jpg (972 bytes)  HOW does Personal Touch Welcome work?

Defaul6.jpg (914 bytes) Whether you are new to town or moved across town (bought a house or renting), Dee will arrange a convenient time (evenings or weekends are OK) to personally present you with your basket of gifts to welcome you to your new neighborhood. And if you have become new parents, Dee has a special basket of gifts for you, too!

Defaul5.jpg (972 bytes)WHAT is in the basket?

Defaul6.jpg (914 bytes)Dee will bring you the important information you need such as motor vehicle forms, maps, voter registration cards, tourist and cultural activities, things for the kids to do and so much more! The local merchants have included special free gifts right in the basket as well as certificates to return to them for more "no obligation" free gifts! Kids love the little treats and stickers Dee has for them!

Defaul5.jpg (972 bytes)WHY does Dee do what she does?

Defaul6.jpg (914 bytes)Dee is very enthusiastic about her community and finds it so rewarding to help families settle into their new homes. She has such fun answering the many questions that come up! And she loves the surprised reaction new parents have when they discover they are entitled to a basket of gifts! Dee has done about 8,000 visits in Ridgefield and Redding and never tires of knocking on another door!

Defaul5.jpg (972 bytes)WHEN can you receive your own basket of gifts?

Defaul6.jpg (914 bytes)Contact Personal Touch Welcome by phone or E-mail if you or someone you know in Ridgefield or Redding move or have a new baby. Push aside those boxes for an hour and let Dee share with you her love of your new town!

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